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Celebrating Success with Assessment: Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services (SDS) sent a survey to the 285 students who utilized the note taker accommodation during the fall 2018 semester. Forty-five students responded and provided very positive feedback in terms of the impact the accommodation had on their academic performance, as well as the timeliness and quality of the notes.  However, some feedback indicated concerns about the thoroughness of the notes and the timeframe in which they were provided.  As a result of the survey results, SDS worked to enhance their messaging so that new students have a better understanding of what they will receive to have equal access to class lectures. SDS also began suggesting the accommodation for permission to record more often in tandem with the note taker accommodation, so students were guaranteed an opportunity to review and add to their notes and the peer notes.

Additionally, SDS reviewed over 14,000 note files to determine the timeframe in which notes were posted after each class meeting. They found that 86% of notes were posted on the same day or day after the class meeting, in line with what is expected of the note-takers. Moreover, 91% of notes were posted within two days, leaving 9% at three days or more. In an effort to lower that final figure, SDS updated some of their processes to replace note-takers sooner if they are not meeting expectations. Moreover, SDS now uses the services of a note-taking vendor as a back-up in cases where it is taking some time to recruit a note-taker. Overall, this assessment showed SDS where they are doing well but also helped them identify some key areas that should positively impact their students’ satisfaction with this accommodation, as well as the effectiveness of the accommodation itself.