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Category Archives: Vol Trivia

Q. Who was Thompson Boling A. The facility is named for two men:  B. Ray Thompson, local philanthropist, whose lead […]


Q. Men’s basketball coach Ray Mears coined an expression as part of a marketing campaign which is now a common […]

Q. What campus element is nine feet tall and weighs 2,645 pounds?  A. Europa and the Bull. (The Jumbotron board […]

Q: What color is Pantone Matching System 151?  A: Big Orange. If you want to learn more about the history behind […]

Q: In 1972, during the halftime of the Alabama football game, the UT band brought fans to their feet as […]

Q: In 1804 this institution made history because of its student body.  What was unique about the student body? A: […]

Q: What does the “Always Faithful” sculpture in front of the College of Veterinary Medicine honor? A: The 25 Doberman […]

Q: What is the natural campus message board? A: The rock. Only a very small portion of the top of […]

Computer. In 1958, Dr. Paul Cromwell, head of the Electrical Engineering Department, rented a Librascope General Purpose 30-bit computer (LGP […]