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Category Archives: Vol Trivia

The first African-American student, admitted (along with three others by order of the Federal District Court to graduate programs not […]

Q: Another “home” for the institution greeted the world in 1994.  What was it? A: The 1st home page, which […]

Q: What did the All Students Club install in 1940, the Chi Omega Sorority replace in 1950 and the Senior […]

Q: Which US president suggested that UT move from a single building to somewhere it could spread out? A: Thomas […]

Q. What device, adopted in 1970 and redesigned as a portable windshield card in 1988 allows parking in unreserved staff […]

Q. What is the name of the UT marching band? A. Pride of the Southland. On November 1, 1949, Knoxville […]

Q: What is the name of the new element added to the periodic table discovered by a UT physicist in […]

Q. In what year was the university officially named the University of Tennessee?    A. 1879. The University of Tennessee […]

Q. Who was the first alumnus to be appointed president of UT?    A. James Piper was named the fourth […]

Q. As what was “The Hill” originally named and known?  A. The Hill was originally known as Barbara Hill, in […]